Delilah Has Cancer

IMG_1330The only person I can think about at the moment is my dog, Delilah.  Like almost everyone, I have been through my share of sh*t and relied on Delilah to snap me out of my drug, alcohol, and depressed zones.  She has dealt with more than her share of stress, and I cannot help but feel responsible for her very recent diagnosis: my sweet angel baby sent from Heaven has cancer.

The big C has been on my mind since I found the lump on her head.  The doctor originally thought it was just swelling from a potential head injury…and then it grew bigger.

People seem to think “it’s just a dog”–no, she saved me from myself.  When I got her I was an addict, a cutter, a depressive…and her love saved me.  She did what rehab, my psychiatrist, and therapists couldn’t–she gave me a reason to live.
Please, if your dog has a suspicious lump, bring him/her to the vet for a checkup.