Do You

My left hip is screaming at me.  On nights like this, I allow myself 60 seconds of self-pity as I dissociate from any ailing body part.  Despite this mental amputation, I cannot sleep. I lie in bed, contemplating all I need to do this week–all I want to do.  Crying was not on the menu tonight, but sh*t happens.  So I flip through memories like a storybook and appreciate the friends (old and new) who, this weekend alone, unknowingly helped me find some of the pieces I lost this year.

IMG_0138Last Friday, my partner in crime (Peter Dizozza) swung by my place in his super-efficient Fiat and together we embarked on what will forever be known as The Weekend of Magic on Candlewood Lake.  Joining us on this journey was a man I have heard about for 8 ½ years (and likely met at some point)…the ingenious Steve Espinola.  I have always enjoyed my mini breaks in Connecticut with Peter–trying out new music, canoeing, landscaping–but never had I shared these weekends with a third party.  

It was crazy awesome.

IMG_0221_2I did not think I would ever meet a composer/lyricist/musician on a par with my dear Peter, but Steve was a welcomed and welcoming surprise.  Although normally a bit shy around strangers, I was immediately at ease with this kindred spirit…and I finally figured out why: both men accept my crazy and run with it…and then run ahead of it.  The two are brilliant to the point of near insanity…a quality I admire and look for in a friend.  What can I say?: bonkers attracts bonkers…and intelligent, artistic, and insane individuals are just more fun…

Adding Steve to the mix reminded me of first getting to know Peter and realizing I didn’t need to dim my star just to fit in.  If I am running with a certain crowd who won’t accept my eccentricities, I need to keep searching for the Peters and Steves who will embrace the awkward, cerebral, creative chick who rambles incessantly and talks to her dog all day.

Then, I need to do a cabaret with them.


picture by Steve Espinola


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