Why Texting Destroys Relationships

There is someone I completely adore. He is aware of the fact he is adorable because I told him flat-out when we met.  The dates and weekends we spent together this summer were the highlights of the season–a time of year I absolutely abhor in New York City.  He quickly became one of my closest friends and we exchanged close to 10,000 texts/gchat/whatsapp messages in a matter of weeks (impressive considering we were attached at the hip on weekends).

July bowling

July bowling

This man and I learned to make pasta together, locked ourselves out of his house together, went bowling together, suffered minor crises together, walked all over the East Village and Midtown together.  He inspired me to really pursue finding a new job, take care of myself…even watch “Avatar” in 3D.  No one has ever made me laugh harder or enjoy doing absolutely nothing more than him.  We have never had a fight when we are together. Our cell phones destroyed everything.

Texting is the most efficient method of miscommunication.  When one texts, there is very little editing involved–these stupid contraptions are tiny receptacles of visual/verbal diarrhea.  Not only does one forget that some thoughts should remain unspoken/unseen, the intention behind the text is completely lost on the recipient. Every word, emoticon, and time lapse between exchanges is over-analyzed and often becomes entirely misconstrued.

So, what happened with the guy?  We misread texts one night and decided to work on our

texting is a no-no

texting is a no-no

friendship and communication first.  Unfortunately, 90% of that is via text.  So…things aren’t great in that respect…but chilling together (in person)…all things are peachy.

Word to the wise (and stupid, I guess): focus on spending time together–turn off the phones.  And when you are apart, don’t discuss anything important via text message. It can only send your relationship (whether you are friends or more) down the sh*tter.


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