The Genetic Lottery

So, I was working all night on today’s blog and decided to save that for another day after my Facebook break:

A young woman in one of my arthritis groups shared a picture of her psoriatic arthritis flare…with the caption “how will I ever find a husband looking like this?” …and it totally broke my heart because I totally understand.

FullSizeRender-3A year ago, my hands still looked normal…and now I am p*ssed that my new hands didn’t come with magical witching powers. I used to wear a ring on every finger and I have cut down by at least 5 rings. In honest truth, I hide my hands as much as possible because I don’t identify with them anymore. I went from having long slender fingers to bent up witch spellcasters. When you are thirty and have eighty-five year old hands, it is a very sobering, disturbing experience.

In the end, my advice to ALL women regardless of ability or disability, appearance, education, and background: anyone worth having will see your personal worth before anything else…any “flaws” you see are just filters. The right person will find you in the end.

I have a giant facial scar from a steam burn last fall, my hands are disfigured from RA, I have surgery scars, I walk with a cane sometimes…social awareness and one’s mind are way sexier than the pinky finger of the world’s most successful hand model.

Just do you…and proudly.


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