A Kaitlin Fairytale…Almost Like Cinderella…

never bored with an aussie

never bored with an aussie

A year ago when my then-boyfriend suggested I see other people (that was not an option for him), I went on several dates with an environmental scientist working at The New York Times and, occasionally, as a global warming specialist and advisor for the United Nations…obviously, he knew brilliance when he saw it,

We spent the night drinking rum punch at my (now) favorite “speakeasy”, bar hopping, and wound up at his neighbor’s party. I mentioned the restaurant/cafe I had performed at the night before and he excitedly told me the place was visible on the roof.  I wanted to see it, but it was raining.  Being an environmentalist, my date knew just what to do…head one door over to his place to grab an umbrella–genius!  Heading out the door, umbrella in tow, I fought through my drunken brain-cloud, remembering to leave my leather purse and beloved Michael Kors shoes safely in the apartment.  My date, being an adorable genius, put the umbrella down as I fumbled with my belongings.

It was a cool summer night, the view was amazing, and the music from a nearby East Village venue created a scene from a romantic comedy.  We danced alone on a New York City rooftop, barefoot…in the rain.  That was the romance…the comedy was to follow.

The alcohol caught up with me and it was time to go home.  We headed back to his apartment and

sweet victory. michael kors flats and i reunite

sweet victory. michael kors flats and i reunite

found everything…except my shoes.  I lost my shoes on a first date. When the booze caught up with him…we gave up and he literally placed me inside the cab.  I thought I would never hear from him again…my shoes were lost in that giant apartment somewhere..forever.  Luckily, my date happens to be Australian.

Australian men are an entirely different species.  They totally LOVE the crazy…and my brand of crazy didn’t faze him at all…not even close. My short fling with this person lasted five dates before he went home to visit family for a few months and we lost touch.  But before he left, I did a thorough sweep of his place

i gave the tie back :(

i gave the tie back 😦

and found my shoes under the couch I had left my purse on that first night.  He admitted he never looked for them…he wanted to see me again.

Then he taught me how to knot a tie (I forgot 5 minutes later).


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