Sometimes I F*ck Up

IMG_1360Yes, I am a near-perfect human being (cough, ahem) but there is the occasional night when back pain and vodka get involved…and then I might f*ck up.

Like I said, the night started with back spasms and tempering the blinding pain of daggers stabbing my arthritic joints and the surround muscles contracting.  Then I discovered my person was having a grand old-time with his buddies, watching the Rangers at a bar.  At this news, my vision went red.  How dare he enjoy a night out with his friends when I was screaming into a pillow.  My last memory is a one-sided breakup (which I soon learned was discovered after his friends told him I’m “hot”…whoops).


I spent the next day begging for forgiveness and ensuring that our three-day staycation was back on.  (Keep in mind he really had no reason for complaints considering the first time we dated, he broke up with me via text message…true story).

All I have to say is: “Girls, do not send texts or emails when you’ve had sleeping meds, painkillers, and/or alcohol.”  I almost lost my best friend/boyfriend/most supportive man I know.  He accepts me for what I can do and never mentions what I cannot.  He is a trophy and I am a DAMN trophy.  And if you still manage to sh*t all over your relationship via text message, love notes and explanations do wonders…especially when your boyfriend finds u adorable.


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