Why Couples Should Make Time for Lunch


My current relationship is the healthiest I have ever been in.  Although we dated previously, this time around we are a much stronger couple and the reason is obvious: strength in one’s relationship is the direct result of communication and making time for one another.  My boyfriend and I keep track of one another’s schedules, are in contact multiple times throughout the day, video chat every night we are unable to spend together, and we meet for lunch at least once every week.  Walking home from Chelsea’s Tre Dici Restaurant yesterday afternoon, I was inspired to write about the benefits of weekday lunches with one’s significant other.

My schedule is much more flexible than my boyfriend’s, so he lets me know on Monday which day or days he isn’t slammed with meetings and we grab a bite down the street from his office.  Although it is a slight pain in the *ss to travel crosstown during the lunch rush, I jump at the chance to see him for an hour to decompress, connect, and grant him the privilege of buying me lunch.

So, why are lunch dates, in particular, so important for couples?  My list of observations:

  1. It is unlikely you will be distracted by television, your kids, or work.
  2. No drinking…therefore, you will remember the conversation.
  3. Restaurants and restaurant/bars are quieter at lunch than dinner.  They keep the music down and there are no drunk “bros” yell-conversing in the background.
  4. It is still only noon!  You are less exhausted than you will be after work and important conversations are less likely to be put on the back burner if you have energy when issues come up.
  5. Taking a break away from the workplace with someone you love (and food!) is a major incentive to power through the morning.

Basically, I see lunch as an opportunity to focus on my person–to catch up in an environment where I can give him my full attention.  Turning off the phone and tuning into the person sitting across from me keeps my relationship real…and unplugging from the world to have lunch with your person means you are less likely to overlook anything in your relationship as well.


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