The Merits of Staycations


View from Roosevelt Island

I tend to be a bit of a loner…even while visiting my family during the holidays, I require a few (waking) hours by myself every day.  Family vacations almost always involve sporadic bickering throughout the day, so taking off with a friend or boyfriend on vacation for the first time always leaves me a little unnerved.

The image of being stuck in a hotel for days in the midst of an enormous fight (and no escape aside from a giant fine to reschedule my flight) arouses such anxiety, I hyperventilate.  Although I am totally delightful and have never argued with a significant other while on vacation, it is a major fear of mine–even the notion of a simple weekend getaway can bring out my inner-hot mess express..  Planning a staycation with my boyfriend  (whose place is only a 15-minute cab ride from my apartment) was an amazing way to test the waters and discover any previously unknown annoyances with the option of a quick ride home, if necessary.

If you live in a large city like New York, a staycation still offers endless opportunities to discover different neighborhoods and boroughs.  Exploring unfamiliar parks, browsing popular shops and thrift stores, and sipping mimosas at the latest trendy brunch spots can be just as (if not more) exciting as spending loads of money to fly across the country unknown territory.

usethisAlso an advantage: one does not feel the need to overexert him or herself with activities or sightseeing because if you are too tired, next weekend is always a possibility.  This past weekend, I stayed with my boyfriend in a neighborhood I had never visited and created a long list of things to do. Unfortunately, it was much colder than expected (putting a halt to half my plans) and I was exhausted and slept quite a bit.  However, I learned that he and I never annoyed one another, I still had a great time only watching TV with him, and I `concluded he is even more considerate and loving than I thought..which says a lot.

Never again will I underestimate the merits of a staycation.  It was a great test-run and I know a legitimate out-of-town vacation is in our near future.


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