I Like Nerds in Glasses and I Cannot Lie

I am not only a lover and enthusiast of awkward intellectuals, I am a self-proclaimed NERD.  I blame my passion for geek glasses on my assumption that glasses make it easier to spot the neurotic species I so admire and attempt to assimilate.  I adore rambling conversations that never quite end or really have any purpose to them; I live for random eccentricities and a lack of self-awareness about what they say or how they behave in public; my heart fills with joy when I am able to convince them they need glasses even though they have just had lasic eye surgery.  I will not apologize for my behavior: I love big nerd glasses.

IMG_1402A few people have questioned this “fetish” for eyewear and the only excuse I can come up with: blame Woody Allen.  The Woody Allen Collection and his more recent films (available at Best Buy and on Amazon) sit in my living room, calling to me like Greek Sirens (google it) some days when I need a dose of neurotic love.

If asked about what “type” is considered most appealing to single women of my generation (and likely others), most are physically attracted to “pretty” boys, traditionally handsome Ken doll types, and gym rats.  Personally, however, if a guy isn’t totally adorkable, he can just keep walking…I can just hang out at the Apple store…nerds in glasses, guaranteed.


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