TRY SOMETHING NEW: Alternative Medicine


Holistic and Eastern Medicines are often referred to as “alternative”…odd considering they were practiced thousands of years before Western Medicine came into popularity.

So many people are scared of acupuncture because of the needles (which you hardly feel, by the way) and teas made from tree bark, herbs, and roots because it looks like mud.  Ayurveda, reiki, crystal therapy, reflexology, magnetic healing (the list goes on) are often brushed off as nonsense and misunderstood in societies where modern medicine is used almost exclusively.

I have definitely dabbled in at least a dozen forms of “alternative medicine” for a decade and, although I was hesitant (and my hands were quite clammy) during my first acupuncture session, I walked out surprisingly refreshed.  Most of my following sessions resulted in quick naps…and if I can fall asleep with my face, arms, legs, hands and ears covered in NEEDLES, there is no reason for anyone to fret over the prospect.


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