I find the overwhelming percentage of couples that choose to cut ties after a break-up IMG_1760perplexing.  Why would you throw away a perfectly good relationship simply because it takes on a different form?  I find ex-boyfriends make excellent best friends.  You already know their personalities and tastes, you have tons of blackmail on them, and humiliating them (all in jest, of course…sometimes) is a piece of cake.  Your new besties and you can skip all the friendship-building boring banter and just chill and watch Netflix.

Almost everyone I have discussed this concept with skeptically asks how my current boyfriend feels about this “radical” post-dating doctrine: HE DEALS.

Making new friends is too much work…save yourself a lot of time and just move your past boyfriends/girlfriends to the “friend list.”  It will make your life so much easier.


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