while walking my dogter (dog+daughter) through the East Village, my doxie mix and the newly-adopted puppy of an NYU student began playing spontaneously.  the 20 y/o owner and i fell into a conversation ranging from school to work to rooming and eventually the topic of age difference.  i was absolutely shocked by what she said.

6yearslateralthough her 21st birthday is only a few weeks away, she feels her budding romance with a 24 y/o is almost inappropriate because of the 3 1/2-year age gap…she also expressed trepidation for the impending move-in of a 25 y/o roommate.  i was completely befuddled.

at 20, 95% of my friends in the city were at least 5 years older than myself…and continue to be.  no one in my group even noticed the disparity in our age differences.  when i told her my current boyfriend is 46 with two children (ages 9 and 12) and the last is 44 with one child (age 8), she was speechless.

for thousands of years, older men have been paired with younger woman…even Hollywood films follow this trend.  maybe she hasn’t been exposed to it; maybe it is a personal preference. i will own up her fear regarding her dating dilemma to inexperience, but if rooming with someone four years older than oneself causes anxiety because the woman is out of school and has a job (gasp!), ensuring her share of the rent will always be paid, i recommend a giant dose of common sense.


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