WILD CARD: Be a Tourist in Your Own City for a Day

I have to admit I usually hate having visitors in town. The apartment is crowded and you are expected to entertain them by going to every tourist attraction your city has to offer, usually pay your own way in, and eat out every meal.

I love my friends and family…I really do, but I dread their visits and their need to see Time Square.  However, I do appreciate a few of the things they have forced me into.  For example, the Statue of Liberty wasn’t much to see and the ferry boat to the famous torch-bearing lady was possibly the coldest ride I have ever been on, but the Ellis Island museum stop on the way back was fascinating.

The city bus tours annoy me and get stuck in traffic, but the Circle Line cruise around the Hudson and East Rivers give one a new appreciation for the city’s history and amazing views.

Most museums are over-crowded but The Tenement Museum shows the living conditions of the immigrants who turned the Lower East Side into the city’s ultimate melting pot.

While I hate having to wine, dine, and entertain visitors, I appreciate what being a tourist in my own city has taught me.  I appreciate the privileges I have today and the role New York has played in the development of the US–but I am still avoiding Times Square as much as possible.



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