THIS ACTUALLY EXISTS: Cat Island–Lāna`i, Hawaii


Cat ladies rejoice!  I present your dream vacation: an island paradise filled with friendly furry felines. Lāna`i Animal Rescue Center (L.A.R.C.) is a cat haven located in Hawaii that takes in, spays/neuters, feeds, and adopts out the cats and other critters who play well with others.  L.A.R.C. recently began a children’s summer camp to ensure future generations of cat ladies, hand-knit sweaters, and herbal tea.

Even if cats aren’t your thing, Lāna`i offers amazing lava diving in Hulopoe Bay, and with 89,000 acres of open countryside, Lāna`i is the ideal spot for hiking, biking, and 4-wheel driving.

Unfortunately, the island’s hotels can cost a pretty penny, but check out the local Bed and Breakfasts for more reasonable prices.


For more information on the island:

For information on kitty paradise:


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